We have a long term plan in place to secure our water future for generations to come and ensure Western Australians have the water services they need to sustain our unique lifestyle. 

By 2035, providing our water use reduction and recycling targets are met, we expect a further 75 to 125 billion litres of additional climate resilient water will be required to support Perth's water needs.

Our plan for Perth

We will secure Perth's water supply into the future by:

  • Continuing to help Perth households and businesses use even less water and make greater use of recycled water.
  • Expanding our Groundwater Replenishment Scheme and investigating further opportunity for reuse of treated wastewater.
  • Increasing the capacity of our existing desalination plants and investigating new desalination plants at Kwinana and Alkimos.
  • Transferring our groundwater abstraction to deeper aquifers to protect the groundwater environment and secure our groundwater supplies.
  • Using wastewater recycling as a resource for industry, public open spaces and agriculture.
  • Continuing to make gains in water use efficiency, while preserving our outdoor lifestyle and enabling continued growth of our beautiful city and state.