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Population growth, limited water resources and growing demand from industry are driving our plans in the South West region.

Most of the towns in the South West have been supplied water through independent local dam and groundwater sources, but with increased growth, limited water resources and a drying climate we have been working to create an integrated water supply scheme that provides secure, high quality water to the towns of Nannup, Bridgetown, Hester, Boyup Brook, Greenbushes, Balingup and Manjimup that does not rely solely on dam and surface water sources.

Since completing a major a planning study in 2015, we’ve been working with the community to:
  • reduce water use
  • increase the amount of water we recycle,
  • identify new water sources.

Bunbury (excluding Dalyellup) and Busselton are serviced by independent water service providers – Aqwest or Busselton Water.

Winery in Margaret River at sunrise

Securing drinking water supplies

Dams will continue to be important water sources in the region, however our drying climate means we cannot rely on them alone in the future.

We're undertaking water source investigations for several schemes with the aim to secure future supply. We have also been integrating schemes which historically relied on independent town dams, utilising alternate sources such as groundwater, to reduce the impacts of climate change.

Reducing water use

Our customers are committed to water conservation, with some of the lowest water use per person in the state.

We work with South West communities through a range of programs such as our Southwest Liveability Partnership program, Waterwise Schools, Waterwise Councils, Waterwise Aquatic Centres and targeted water saving programs.

Responding to climate change

Low rainfall coupled with ongoing hot and dry conditions have impacted on-farm storages, shire dams and Department of Water and Environmental Regulation strategic community water supplies. To secure water supplies in these areas we utilise water carting when needed and shire fixed standpipes.

Improving our wastewater services

In recent years, we have completed major upgrades to several South West wastewater treatment plants and wastewater systems to meet population growth and industrial development needs. Further wastewater upgrades are planned, for example in Dalyellup and Donnybrook.

Increasing water recycling

About 27% of wastewater in the South West is recycled each year. This amounts to 3.7 billion litres each year and we plan to increase this amount in the future.

More wastewater by volume is recycled in the South West region than any other region in WA.

Major recycling schemes include:
  • Busselton Golf Club irrigation scheme
  • Margaret River recycling scheme
  • Kemerton and Manjimup tree farms.

We're also committed to increasing long-term water recycling for public open space and industrial use from Busselton and Bunbury wastewater treatment plants.