Project goal:

To increase flood protection in the City of Busselton



Delivery Date:

October 2020 - July 2021

What's happening?

We are upgrading the Vasse Diversion Drain to increase flood protection in Busselton. The upgrades involve widening and reconstructing the levee banks and building an overflow structure where the drain meets the Vasse River.

Where is this happening?

The Vasse Diversion Drain starts just North of the Busselton Golf Course (refer to map under Document Library) and extends for around 6.3 km north to the ocean at Geographe Bay. It diverts water from the Vasse & Sabina rivers to prevent them overflowing and flooding Busselton. Around 5.5 kms of the drain will be upgraded from around Bussell Highway to Bovell.

Why is this taking place?

In November 2000, State Cabinet accepted a proposal from the Busselton Flood Management Steering Committee to ensure the Busselton community be protected from 1 in 100 year rainfall events. This plan included the construction of large compensating basins and reconstructing the banks of the Vasse Diversion Drain.

Since then, we have been working towards this goal, having completed the construction of three compensating basins and reviews of local drainage needs. We have now determined the essential next step is to increase the capacity of the Vasse Diversion Drain.

When is this taking place?

Work commenced in October 2020 and will continue until July 2021.

How will this impact the community?

We have spoken with over 150 Busselton residents to make sure community impacts from the project are minimised. The concerns we are addressing include:

  • the closure of the drain as a walking, bicycle route,
  • construction impacts like dust, noise and vibrations
  • environmental impacts
  • aesthetics of the drain when the upgrades are complete
  • integrated management of drains and rivers

More information

For more information visit our Vasse diversion drain upgrade online engagement platform.