Genus: Hardenbergia
Species: violacea
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A range of plants, mostly selected for the colour of their winter to spring flowers. Most are twining climbers with single, large, green leaves and massed small pea flowers.

Available cultivars include 'Alba' (white flowers), 'Bushy Blue' (low shrub, blue flowers), 'Candy Wrapper' (pinky purple flowers),' Edna Walling Snow White' (compact growth, white flowers), 'Free ‘n' Easy' (vigorous climber, pink buds, whitish flowers), 'Happy Wanderer' (vigorous climber, blue flowers), 'Meema' (dense and shrubby with massed blue flowers), 'Pink Spray' (pinky-purple flowers, shrubby growth), 'Purple Spray' (climber, purple flowers), 'Mini Haha '(compact shrub, blue flowers), 'Sweetheart', 'Walkabout' (rich purple flowers) ,'Whiteout' (white flowers) and 'Winter White' (bushy, white flowers).

Pronunciation: Har-den-burge-ee-ah