Backflow test report online lodgement

Submitting boundary containment backflow test reports is now a faster and easier process with the launch of our online lodgement system.


From 1 July 2017, pre-filled backflow test report forms will not be included with our customer reminder letters. From 1 January 2018, Water Corporation will not be accepting paper based backflow test reports.


Our new web application allows backflow testers to lodge boundary containment backflow test reports online, making reporting of backflow testing an efficient and effective process that will benefit both our customers and testers.

Advantages of online lodgement

  • Free and straightforward process.
  • Saves time – tests can be lodged 24/7 and will be received immediately.
  • Tests can be completed and lodged on site.
  • Compatibility with desktop browsers (IE10, Firefox, Safari) and iPad Safari (additional mobile device compatibility coming soon).
  • Reliability of information getting to Water Corporation.
  • Less chance of inaccurate data or lost information.
  • Testers can customise test reports with their business name and logo for their customers.

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