Lodging a building application

What you need to know prior to submitting your application and how to lodge one online.

Why do I need to lodge a building application?

Anyone proposing to build in an area served by either a Water Corporation water or sewer main must obtain prior approval and pay the prescribed application fees before commencing construction.

This requirement is necessary to:

  • Protect our assets, when buildings are constructed. This has become more important due to the increased tendency for buildings to be built close to property boundaries and hence closer to the pipes.
  • Ensure the pipes are clear of building developments to protect access for maintenance or replacement and ensure the building load does not damage the pipe.
  • Ensure that any industrial discharge does not damage or contaminate the water and sewer mains
  • Make individual infrastructure contributions where a proposed development will place an additional demand on the existing infrastructure or require new or additional property connections.
  • Ensure that there is no backflow risk.

Prior to submitting your application online

Our process for single residential, additions/alterations and minor building applications has been streamlined. For these types of applications, we recommend that you complete these steps prior to submitting your application:

  1. Obtain plans from Dial Before You Dig
  2. Determine the location of the sewer main
  3. Determine the material and the depth of the sewer main
  4. Refer to the Residential guidelines for designers document for the appropriate protection of sewer main information
  5. Self-assess your design in compliance with our requirements
  6. Submit your application.

How to submit your building application online

Use our online self-service system BuilderNet to lodge your application. If you are not a regular BuilderNet user, you can use our Guest Account option to log in.   

  1. Login to BuilderNet and lodge the relevant application
  2. Attach electronic copies of your architectural floor plans and site plans, as well as any other documents relevant to your application, in PDF or JPEG format
  3. We will email your invoice, outlining the application fees. You will need to pay these fees before your application is approved.

Submit your application now

How much do I need to pay?

Application fees are based on the development type and construction cost of the building. Once we have assessed your application, we will send you an invoice outlining the fees.

Other matters that need to be considered:

  • Our infrastructure (water and wastewater services) is adequate for the proposed building or development. In some circumstances it will be necessary to extend or enlarge the existing network and connections to the property.
  • Wherever possible all survey levels should be provided in Australian Height Datum (AHD) and it assists in ensuring the building can be adequately served by the sewer, and makes the design of piling easier. This is particularly important where the ground level has been altered.
  • Builders are responsible for establishing the location of sewer connection points prior to starting any work. In the event that the connection point cannot serve the proposed building or the connection point is not located in the correct position, the builder will be responsible for any additional works necessary. This is particularly important in the redevelopment of lots in older suburbs.
  • In some circumstances you may need to have the location of our pipe work confirmed by survey. If any proposed building is within 3 metres of a pipe, it is recommended that you seek advice from us or a surveyor prior to any detailed design.

More information

BuilderNet is available to all customers to lodge all building and service connection applications.  Standard fees and charges will apply.

If you need assistance with the lodgement of your application on BuilderNet, please call (08) 9424 8411 or 1800 016 015 (for regional callers) to speak with one of our service representatives.

For all other building and service enquiries, please email building.services@watercorporation.com.au or call 13 13 95.

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