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In this section you will find information on how you can become endorsed as Waterwise and help to contribute to a sustainable water future.

Through partnerships between us, Local Government Agencies, business and industry, we have developed a range of Waterwise programs aimed at modifying water efficiency practices across WA.

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Waterwise Garden Centre Program

The aim of this program is to support behavioural changes in the community by positively influencing consumption trends towards more water efficient garden designs, plant selection, mulches, irrigation considerations, soil wetting agents and associated products. This program is open to high quality garden centres in WA who aim to promote water efficient products and practices to the public.

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Waterwise Garden Design Program

This program has been developed in recognition of the potential for waterwise landscape design and garden planning to make substantial water savings to homeowners and the general community. Training for this program is conducted by the Landscape Industry Association of WA and is suitable for tradespeople who undertake garden design. The program encourages participants to make conscious decisions about water balance within a design, minimise overall water use and advise clients on best water practices.

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Waterwise Garden Irrigator Program

This program aims to optimise the water-use efficiency of domestic watering systems installed in WA. Participants of this program are qualified to install and maintain water efficient watering systems to an industry standard.

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Waterwise Irrigation Design Shop Program

This program is open to high quality irrigation supply stores and enables participants to provide expert advice on waterwise irrigation design, to optimise water use efficiency of domestic watering systems installed in WA to an industry standard.

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Waterwise Landscaper Program

This program is appropriate for landscapers who want to improve water-use efficiency in landscape design and installation in WA. The program sets minimum standards for plant selection, irrigation, bore use, soil and soil improvement, mulching, turf practices, water re-use and rain water harvesting and water sensitive urban design.

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Waterwise Plumber Program

The plumbing industry has an important role to play in promoting water efficiency inside the home. This program is suitable for plumbers who are looking to increase their knowledge on the latest waterwise principles, practices and products, with the aim to reduce water consumption by providing specialist waterwise advice and retro-fitting water efficient products.

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Waterwise Products Program

The Waterwise Products Program focuses on products that can help achieve water saving inside and outside the home, and includes any water saving products that fall into one of the Smart Approved WaterMark categories.

Products must also be appropriate/relevant to Western Australian conditions (as verified by WA Industry) and available to the general public. Greywater systems must also be approved by the WA Department of Health.

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Waterwise Water Auditor Program

This program was launched with the aim of reducing water consumption within businesses. Water Auditors identify all uses within a facility, determine whether each component is using water efficiently, look for ways to reduce water use and provide a monitoring process to identify any changes in water use over time.

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Waterwise Training

In partnership with the South Metropolitan TAFE Murdoch we have developed an advanced level of Waterwise Training. The course will provide a general understanding of waterwise best practice as applied within the Horticultural and Landscaping industry. Training will cover soil and irrigation theory and practical as well as effective gardening techniques and waterwise concepts including; garden design, plant selection, soil preparation, hydrozoning, mulching, and irrigation considerations.

On completion of the course students will achieve a nationally recognised unit of competence that can be credited towards further study including a Certificate III in Horticulture.

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