Trade waste in your business

Everything you need to know about managing trade waste in your business.

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Acceptance criteria for trade waste (PUB 06)

Fees and charges (PUB 04)

Grease arrestor maintenance (PUB 23)

Trade waste permits for small business (PUB 100-A)

Trade waste permits (PUB 100)

Grease arrestor installation guidelines (PUB 23-B)

Acceptance criteria for small business (PUB 06-A)

New trade waste pre-treatment product evaluations (PUB 13)

Sizing of grease arrestors for the retail food industry

Trade waste flow metering (PUB 09)

Trade waste sampling (PUB 16)

Trade waste monitoring points (PUB 11)

One off discharge (PUB 15)

Industry self monitoring

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