Project goal:

We are lowering the water level in Lake Kununurra for two weeks to complete critical maintenance works to our irrigation assets in Kununurra.


In planning

Delivery Date:

7 January to 21 January 2022

When is it happening?

We are lowering the level of Lake Kununurra for two weeks in January 2022. The water levels are being lowered during the highest rainfall period of the wet season to reduce the impact on customers as much as possible.

During this period, the level of Lake Kununurra will be lowered below 36.50 metres AHD.

We have this work scheduled for 7 January until the 21 January. Please note the timing is weather dependant and could be subject to change.

As part of the works, traffic management will be in place along Lakeview Drive for five days, from Monday 10 January to Friday 15 January 2022, to allow us to complete work to the M1 Irrigation Channel offtake structure near the Pump House restaurant. Detours will allow access to properties along Lakeview Drive.

Why is this work important?

This program of works is scheduled to be delivered annually however, it has not taken place for the last two years due to operational requirements and weather conditions. It is therefore essential that the program is carried out in 2022 to ensure the integrity of the infrastructure.

What are the impacts?

The lowering of Lake Kununurra may impact some irrigation customers, as well as boat/ barge owners.

If you have pumping or other ancillary equipment in the vicinity of the Ord River, please consider the risks and preventative measures that may need to be taken.

Boats and barges on Lake Kununurra, Packsaddle and Crossing Falls will need to be removed from the water as securing them will not be sufficient. Boats in Lilly Creek Lagoon may remain in the lagoon, provided they are properly secured as once the water recedes, they will sit on the river bed.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


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