Swamp Paperbark


Genus: Melaleuca

Species: rhaphiophylla

A very common tree of swamp areas in the south west of WA but just as much at home in the garden with its white paperbark trunk and small, green leaf canopy. Produces white flowers from late winter to late spring. Can be pruned to shape when young. Will tolerate salt.

Pronunciation: Mel-a-lew-ka


WA Native

Garden type

Mediterranean, Native


H: more than 800cm W: 400 to 800cm

Planting information


Flowering season

spring, winter


Readily available

Flower colour



Water rating

Little maintenanceLittle maintenanceLittle maintenance

Broad Leaved Paperbark

A large tree with classic, white, paperbark trunk and dense, dark green, slightly pendant foliage. White bottlebrush flowers are produced in autumn.
SunInsect attractingBird attracting

Snow in Summer, Narrow-Leafed Paperbark, Flax-Leaved Paperbark

A large shrub or small tree with attractive paperbark trunk and fine, dense, green foliage.
SunInsect attractingBird attracting

Chenille Honey Myrtle

A variably shaped, mostly coastal shrub to 4 metres high with attractive bark. Dense foliage of tiny leaves clasped along the branches.
SunInsect attractingBird attracting