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  • Recommended run times for different sprinkler types
  • Perfect your sprinkler run times to avoid overwatering
  • Help with identifying the type of sprinklers you have in your garden

Did you know different types of sprinklers have different watering rates? Knowing what kind of sprinklers you have on each station will ensure you set optimal run timesso your garden gets the water it needs while avoiding overwatering.

What type of sprinklers do I have in my garden?

Before you set the run times on your irrigation system, you should check what type of sprinklers you have in your garden.

The common types of sprinklers found in home gardens include pop-up or fixed spray sprinklers, rotary sprinklers, gear drive rotators and dripline sprinklers. Each type of sprinkler will water at different rates, which can make it tricky to know how long you should be running your irrigation at each station.

Recommended sprinkler run times for your type of sprinkler

The recommended amount of water a garden with sandy soil needs is 10mm. So how long is that in terms of sprinkler run times?

These run times are simply suggestions based on how long it generally takes each sprinkler type to distribute a standard 10mm drink of water to your garden. We recommend experimenting with your own system to get the right run times for your garden.

Setting the right amount of time to water your lawn or garden will ensure you’re only using what you have to, which means you’re saving water and money!

Need more assistance?

Watch the video/s below for more information about how long you should be running your sprinklers. Alternatively, contact your local waterwise garden irrigator for more advice.

Pop-up/fixed spray sprinklers

Rotary sprinklers

Gear drive rotator

Dripline sprinklers