Pipes for Perth

Project goal:

Our water main renewal program is improving the security and reliability of Perth's water supply.

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What we're doing 

Sections of Perth's water main network are over 100 years old and, like anything of that age, they're starting to show some wear and tear. So we're in the process of replacing these pipes. This work is essential in order to avoid future bursts and leaks.

As you can imagine, replacing buried pipes along major roads presents considerable challenges, and there will be some level of disruption to road users, local businesses and residents. This page has been created so you can find out when or where you may experience disruptions.

Scheduled works

Use our map to search for works in your area, or by current, completed and upcoming projects. You can also do a quick check of major works on the below map.

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Contact us

  • Pipes for Perth team, Email: pipesforperth@watercorporation.com.au, Phone: (08) 9420 3529

Our process

We use a combination of open trenches and trenchless technologies to renew our water mains. When our contractor mobilises to site, they initially locate underground services to confirm the planned alignment of the new mains is suitable, and so that excavation work can be undertaken safely. This can take a few days. As a result, it can appear that not much is happening onsite. Please be assured that this is factored into our schedules.

Our work normally then involves about a week of excavation, a week of installing the new pipes, a week of testing and commissioning, a week of connecting each property to the new mains, and a week of reinstatement.

We are working closely with key partners, including local councils, to coordinate our water mains upgrade with other construction work wherever possible, helping to minimise ongoing disruption to the community.

Interruptions to water supply

There may be a short interruption to your water supply when we need to transfer your properties connection over to the new water main. We do our best to ensure scheduled interruptions occur when demand for water is at it's lowest in each area, and will notify you before it happens.

Work times

In most cases, we will work on weekdays between 7am and 7pm. Much of our work cannot be undertaken after hours as the noise of saw cutting, excavation and compactors at night would not be considered acceptable in high density mixed residential and commercial areas. However, we will undertake less noisy work overnight where possible to ensure we complete our project as quickly as possible.

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