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Our partnerships focus on connecting with the WA community to build a sustainable water future. We proudly support initiatives with a connection to water that enrich and support our communities to thrive across WA, increase awareness of our environment and water sustainability, support resilience and enable greater community involvement in making WA a great place to live and invest. 

We’re proud to contribute to the community, to build trust and connection to influence positive impacts for social and environmental change.

Four smiling volunteers collect seagrass fruit in buckets 

Programs and projects that we support include:

WA Museum Boola Bardip

We have partnered with the Foundation for the WA Museum and the WA Museum to enhance the community’s appreciation of our natural environment, build understanding of sustainability as climate changes and raise awareness about the importance of being waterwise.

This is through a thought-provoking and moving displays which engage and educate people of all ages on current environmental issues, climate and the preciousness of water in WA.

Our partnership supports the following initiatives:

  • enrich people’s lives across WA by connecting them with water through creativity, culture and the community spirit
  • enhance the cultural, scientific and education of the WA Museum
  • expand the knowledge of our school aged children.

Learn more about the current displays and plan your visit.

OzFish Unlimited Seeds for Snapper

More than 85% of Australia’s seagrass meadows have disappeared in recent decades. Through our partnership with OzFish Unlimited, we support their mission to restore the vibrant underwater world of Cockburn Sound by cultivating seagrass meadows, a vital habitat for marine life.

Cockburn Sound’s seagrass meadows are the lifeline of its marine inhabitants. They provide food, shelter, and breeding grounds for a diverse range of species, including the iconic Western Australian snapper.

The Ozfish Seeds for Snapper program is one of Australia’s largest seagrass restoration projects. Every summer, volunteers have a limited time to collect and disperse more than one million seagrass seeds in Cockburn Sound. 
Seagrass (Posidonia australis) fruit once a year. During this time, the fruit floats to the ocean’s surface. They get washed ashore or out to sea, where they can't germinate. In early summer, OzFish volunteers get out on the water to collect seagrass fruit. Divers and boaters harvest the fruit by collecting it in nets. Once the fruit matures, it's processed in large onshore tanks. The seeds are then dispersed in areas ideal for seagrass meadow restoration. OzFish volunteer scientists and University of Western Australia (UWA) researchers monitor and maintain the area and gain valuable scientific insights.

Developed in collaboration with UWA, this innovative approach has increased seedling density by up to 2,000%. More than natural regrowth!


Clontarf Foundation

Clontarf Foundation exists to improve the education, discipline, life skills, and employment prospects of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander male students by providing them with a supportive environment and a diverse range of activities.

The Clontarf Foundation works to empower young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men by providing a supportive environment and engaging programs that address education, life skills development, self-esteem building, and a diverse range of activities.

Through our partnership with Clontarf Foundation, we support their Educational Engagement and Life Skills program that operates through their academies across Western Australia.  Water Corporation staff across the state, regularly engage in Clontarf Foundation led mentoring activities such as Employment Forums to develop Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men’s job seeking skills.

We also host Career Days and worksite visits for Clontarf students, opening their eyes to rewarding careers at Water Corporation. Since, 2008, this commitment has resulted in over 39 Clontarf alumni joining our team.

Waalitj Foundation - Deadly Sista Girlz

The Waalitj Foundation empowers Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people  through education, employment and business. We're delighted to support the Deadly Sista Girlz Program, which operates in 17 schools across WA.

Deadly Sista Girlz is a culturally-grounded healthy lifestyle program led by Aboriginal mentors. They offer a stable environment to engage, educate and empower girls to make positive choices about their health and future. The program focuses on:

  • building self-esteem, confidence and pride in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander identity
  • fostering practical cultural contribution in the community
  • nurturing positive social interactions
  • building relationships based on mutual respect, encouraging active self-development
  • facilitating Yarning circles - topics include sexual and women’s health, drug and alcohol abuse, road safety, healthy nutrition, financial literacy and healthy relationships.


MADALAH is a not-for-profit organisation that offers secondary and tertiary education scholarships for Indigenous students from communities outside of regional centres and regional WA communities.

We support students with a keen interest in STEM and the water industry through scholarships, which enables them to strive for excellence in their education and training free of the worry of financial pressures.

Partnerships seekers

We welcome enquiries and proposals from groups or organisations with projects aligned with our mission and community goals.

For more information, please contact Partnerships or call our Partnerships and Education Team on (08) 9420 3792.