Splash of Colour

Splash of colour is a curated public art series that celebrates water and the important role this plays in the future of Western Australia.

Dee Mosca artwork for Splash of Colour

Purpose of the program

Water Corporation recognises that we have a responsibility to improve the liveability and aesthetics of our highly visible assets for residents and the local community.

The aim of the Splash of Colour program is to enhance the amenity of these assets by working with the community and local artists to transform everyday water and wastewater infrastructure into public art pieces.

Program Objectives

Sharon Hinchcliffe artwork for Splash of Colour

Our primary objectives for the program are to:

  • generate community involvement, interest and connection to water through community art.
  • enhance the aesthetics of our assets in the community in line with Corporation liveability principles.
  • increase the relevance and accessibility of arts within communities.
  • promote creative works in a manner that enhances the reputation of the Water Corporation and its partners.


If you would like further information on the program please don't hesitate to contact us at Splash.Colour@watercorporation.com.au

Tim Howe artwork for Splash of Colour