Splash of Colour is all about celebrating water and harnessing an understanding of Western Australia's water cycle in the community.

Have you ever come across electrical pump stations, brick wastewater pump stations and other small water structures where you live? They may not look like much, but they are part of a vital network of assets that deliver drinking water and wastewater services to and from our varied sources across our state.

To help us all appreciate how vital these assets are, we have been working with talented local artists to turn them into works of art, bringing them to life through vibrant paintings depicting the local community, native environment and the importance of water.

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Art through collaboration

Our local artists work with schools and the community to get their input and influence their overall artistic design. Students have the opportunity to express their ideas about water, what it means to them and the importance of water conservation.

Water plays an integral role in life and nature. And with a growing population and a drying climate, more and more people are relying on vital water sources, so it has never been more important to look after it and understand more about how it makes its way into your homes.

By understanding the journey water takes to get to us safely, we can all appreciate and value the process water needs to go through every day to drink and use it for all our needs.

Splash of Colour history

The program has been running since 2017 and spans all corners of our state as far north as Broome and as far south as Albany. You will find a splash of art and inspiration where you go.

Around 50 assets have been painted to date, reflecting our unique water story throughout Western Australia. We’ve partnered with organisations such as the Community Art Network (CAN) and Local Government Authorities, who’ve helped us engage with local communities to deepen the level of involvement in the community.

Look out for the splashes of colour in your area

They may look a bit like this:

Community benefits

  • Splash of Colour murals improve the look and feel of the surrounding area.
  • The Splash of Colour murals are inspiring, water-themed and beautify the surrounding environment.
  • The murals are painted on water and wastewater assets throughout the community, highlighting and raising awareness of the vital role these play in providing water and wastewater services to residents across WA.
  • Splash of Colour supports talented local artists, showcasing their unique style and skills in their community.
  • Splash of Colour workshops educate children about water sources, the water cycle, improving water literacy and inspiring water conservation.
  • The program also deters graffiti on painted assets.

How to get involved

If you are an artist interested in Splash of Colour, reach out! If we have a project coming up in your local area we can add you to the list for consideration.

If you are primary school looking to be involved in the Splash of Colour program, let us know! If we have any projects coming up in your area we can add you to the list for consideration for the Splash of Colour workshop. We can also put you in touch with our Waterwise Education team if you are interested in an educational visit to your school.

Contact splash.colour@watercorporation.com.au