Portable water refill stations – just BYO bottle

We have a number of portable water refill stations available for loan to support community events, helping ensure your attendees have access to drinking water while reducing plastic waste.

Our portable refill stations are available for events across WA which are run by not-for-profit and community groups. Supply of portable refill stations to a community event will be determined on availability of stations and certain criteria being met.

To request a portable refill station for your event, please complete the form below.

Bottled water no longer available

Due to the considerable plastic waste created by single use plastic bottles and in an effort to reduce our environmental impact, we will no longer donate bottled water to community events taking place in Western Australia.

Any bottled water allocations we have are to cater for water supply outages and emergency services to ensure drinking water is still available to the community in these circumstances.

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Is there access to a Water Corporation main through a tap, which is not a residential tap?
Is the event free from alcohol?
Is there security on site if the event is overnight?
Is the event free from political and religious beliefs?