Ord River Diversion Dam

Water Corporation is reminding the Kununurra community and visitors not to enter restricted areas at the Ord River Diversion Dam.

Water Corporation North West Regional Manager Sharon Broad said signage and fencing was in place to prevent access to restricted areas, however, some people continued to ignore the many warnings.

"People who scale the fence and fish on the banks of the Ord River risk being swept into turbulent water or attacked by a saltwater crocodile, resulting in serious injury or even death," Ms Broad said.

"Signs and marker buoys clearly mark restricted areas, which include the entire Ord River Diversion Dam wall, and extend 200 metres upstream and 200 metres downstream of the dam.

"No one is permitted in the restricted areas, even in boats, and people caught trespassing may attract a substantial fine."

Ms Broad said people continue to put themselves at risk by ignoring warning signs and entering restricted areas.

"Sadly, fatalities have occurred in the past, and we do not want anyone to put themselves at risk."

"I thank the many community members who do the right thing and keep clear of the restricted areas around the Ord River Diversion Dam," Ms Broad said.

For more information on the Ord River Diversion Dam, visit here