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As Water Corporation employees, we are responsible for our behaviour and conduct in the workplace.

Message from the CEO

As Water Corporation employees we are responsible for our behaviour and conduct in the workplace.

Everyone at the Water Corporation, including directors, contractors and consultants, must be conscious of, and operate in accordance with the expectations of the community.

This Code of Conduct provides clear guidelines for the standards of behaviour and ethical and accountable decision-making expected in our dealings with each other, our customers and the community.

We need to familiarise ourselves with this Code of Conduct and understand what is expected of us.

Pat Donovan, Chief Executive Officer

Our values

Our values guide our behaviour and decision-making and are clear statements about what we expect of ourselves and each other. We will all act in alignment with our values.

  • Working as one – We make a bigger impact together, working towards a shared purpose to benefit all of WA.
  • Delivering on our promises – We achieve our goals efficiently, delivering on what we say we will do.
  • Finding better solutions – We are curious to learn, with courage we challenge the status quo.
  • Leading with care – We care for our communities and each other.

Our code

How we behave and treat each other

We seek to maintain the highest standards of professional conduct in our interactions with each other, our stakeholders, our customers and the community.

Our success is based on a set of core values and behaviours, and we need to ‘live our values’ and protect our reputation, resources and business relationships. This applies to our behaviour in the workplace and in all situations associated with or affecting the workplace. This includes work-related events such as conferences, work functions and business trips.

We are ethical, honest and have integrity in all of our decisions. We are accountable for our decisions and actions, putting the organisation’s interests before our own or other interests. This is integral to maintaining the trust and confidence of our employees, customers, stakeholders and the community.

We act with a high level of care and diligence. We take care when we make decisions and ensure they are ethical, fair, transparent and impartial. All relevant information and obligations should be considered.

We are committed to environmental and social governance and take care and diligence to ensure we act to identify, prevent and mitigate adverse impacts. We act with the best intent, diligence and social conscience ensuring we:

  • are committed to sustainability for our environment
  • preserve human rights and freedoms of law
  • conduct business with third parties that embed respect for human rights into culture and practice (identifying severe risks to human rights including modern slavery).

We deal fairly with each other, our customers, community and stakeholders, treating them with respect and courtesy. We are polite and civil towards others. We will not engage in unfair, deceptive or misleading practices. Water Corporation does not tolerate bullying, harassment, unlawful discrimination, or other unacceptable conduct.

Safety, health and wellbeing is our highest priority. We're all responsible for the safety of our people and the public in or around our workplaces or operational sites. We take care to ensure our safety and health at work and avoid adversely affecting the safety, health and wellbeing of anyone else. We’re also responsible for ensuring we’re fit for work every working day.

We comply with all safety and health policies, standards and procedures and behave in accordance with the requirements of the Work Health and Safety Act (2020). We speak up and report anything that could cause harm and we ask ourselves “What can hurt me? What can kill me?” before undertaking any task.

We comply with and follow all lawful and reasonable directions, and do not hinder or obstruct anyone acting in an official capacity in relation to legislation, policy, standard or procedure. We do not unreasonably refuse to carry out a lawful reasonable direction.

We observe all applicable laws and all Water Corporation policies and procedures. We are accountable for making ourselves aware of these requirements so that we understand and comply with our obligations. If we don’t understand our obligations we take responsibility for asking questions and finding the relevant information. A breach of the law can have serious consequences for Water Corporation and for the individuals involved.

How we work

We go about our work in a professional and ethical way to protect Water Corporation and deliver value for our customers and community.

We do not tolerate corrupt or other improper conduct by our directors, employees, contractors or consultants. This includes mismanagement of public resources in the running of, use of, or supply of services to the organisation.

This means we do not:

  • engage in behaviour or conduct that is fraudulent, corrupt or misleading and deceptive
  • tolerate or accept behaviour or conduct that is fraudulent, corrupt or misleading and deceptive by others, including from those supplying services
  • make use of Water Corporation’s information, systems, property or its position to gain or seek improper benefit for ourselves, the organisation or a third party
  • support or deal with any person or business knowingly involved in bribery or corrupt practices.

Our Fraud and Corruption Control Plan documents our strategies and controls for planning resourcing, prevention, detection and response to fraud and corruption related matters.

Water Corporation is accountable to the Minister, State Government and the people of Western Australia, so our use of resources must be in the public interest and transparent.

This means we:

  • use the resources, including information, property and systems of Water Corporation effectively, economically, properly and lawfully
  • do not use Water Corporation resources for anyone’s personal or financial gain
  • follow proper procedures when we acquire or dispose of materials, equipment or assets
  • report any damage or loss of property or equipment immediately.

We keep confidential information confidential and private information private. This means we keep Water Corporation’s confidential information secure and confidential, including private information we hold. We’re committed to protecting the privacy of individuals’ personal information, including sensitive information, in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988.

Effective information management is critical to the successful operations of our business and we each have a role to play.

So we all:

  • record actions, decisions and transactions properly to ensure transparency and accuracy
  • make use of the correct information system for the various types of information and task
  • ensure information, including confidential information, is recorded, handled and securely stored in accordance with record keeping and archiving procedures
  • obtain authorisation before altering or destroying records.

A conflict of interest is a situation where an employee’s interests outside of work are in conflict with the role they hold at Water Corporation. Conflicts of interest can be actual, potential or perceived and we each have a duty to avoid and disclose these to Water Corporation as soon as we become aware.

Receiving gifts, benefits or hospitality from external parties has the potential to place us in a position where we feel conflicted. We may be offered hospitality as part of our work, but it is not always appropriate to accept. We must avoid situations that present an actual or perceived financial or moral obligation to another organisation or individual.

To protect ourselves and Water Corporation we will disclose any hospitality received and take all reasonable steps to avoid actual, perceived or potential conflicts of interest in connection with our work.

This means we will:

  • act honestly and in the best interests of Water Corporation and its owner
  • refuse any gift, benefit or hospitality that is likely to place Water Corporation under an actual or perceived commercial, moral or ethical obligation to other organisations or individuals
  • openly declare private interests and affiliations that may conflict with or be perceived to conflict with Water Corporation or our duties or position
  • ensure decisions are accurately recorded so that they are transparent and able to be reviewed
  • follow legislated and/or policy requirements for managing real, perceived or potential conflicts of interest
  • ensure that the acceptance (or refusal) of gifts, benefits or hospitality is in accordance with Water Corporation’s policy and is recorded in the corporate gift and hospitality register.

You may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment if you:

  • breach the Code of Conduct
  • breach our policies, guidelines or procedures
  • authorise or permit any breaches by a team member who reports to you.

As part of our commitment to protecting Water Corporation’s reputation we will report any breaches of our Code of Conduct.