Find simple ways to save water in your home with these easy tips for the bathroom and laundry.


  • Instead of rinsing your dishes before loading them into the dishwasher scrape the excess food into the bin. Pre-rinsing dishes can double your water use. Did you know around 30% of blockages in our wastewater system are caused by fats, oils and grease solidifying in pipes? So removing grease and food scraps from your pots, pans and dishes before you wash them also helps keep our drains happy and healthy.
  • Fill your dishwasher – running a half load doubles your water use. Waiting until its full and using the eco option are the best ways to maximise its water efficiency.
  • A WELS 4 star dishwasher uses around 15L of water compared to a standard 22L capacity kitchen sink.

Taps and washing machines

  • Choose 4 or more WELS stars for dishwashers and washing machines. The more stars the appliance has, the more efficient it will be and the less water it will use.
  • Go for WELS 4 rated taps in the kitchen and laundry or install flow controlled aerators, they are easy to fit yourself if your taps are threaded at the spout, or call a licensed Waterwise Plumber for help.
  • Don't waste the cold water as you wait for it to heat – collect it in a bucket and use it to water your pot plans and garden. You could be catching as much as 10L for every minute you are waiting for the water to heat up.

Air conditioners

  • Use the fan only setting on your AC - evaporative air conditioners can uses around 100L of water per hour, adding up to 30,000L or more in a year. Switching your AC to the 'fan only' setting for 2 hours a day, at night and on humid days, will make a big difference in your water use.
  • Regularly check for leaks, maintain flow control and clean filter pads. Comparing your evaporative air conditioning water consumption during periods of air conditioning use and non-use will help identify if there are any large water losses due to faults or leaks. Consult a professional to set the bleed flow rate and reduce salt build up to reduce water waste.

Leaks and drips

  • Each year the equivalent of around 700 million buckets of water is lost through residential leaks in Perth alone.
  • Leaking taps waste up to 10,000L per year! Fixing a dripping tap is easy, but if you need you can call a Waterwise Plumber to help you.
  • A constant trickle into the toilet bowl wastes around 9,000 litres a year. To check for this type of leak, simply place a sheet of toilet paper under the rim in the back of the bowl (do this half an hour after the last flush when the bowl should be dry). If the paper soaks up water, you have a leaking cistern and need to call a Waterwise Plumber to fix it.
  • Think you may have a leak? Use our simple leak detection tool to check.