Registrations for the Metro Showerhead Swap have now closed. Thank you to all our Perth and Mandurah residents for participating. We had a huge response with all 10,000 showerheads being allocated, and now thousands of customers are contributing to saving water every day!

Find out how you can continue to save water in the bathroom.

We can all save water in the shower

Once you’ve swapped your showerheads over, make sure you keep up your water saving habits and limit your showers to 4 minutes or less. Need a little help to stay on track? Pick your favourite track to listen to in the shower from our waterwise shower songs playlist on Spotify.

Did you know?

  • Showers make up 22% of total household water use. By simply switching to these water efficient showerheads, you can save up to 20,000L of water each year.
  • We work with a local recycling facility to recycle all the old showerheads we receive.Cutting your shower time by just 2 minutes can result in a water saving of up to 30%. Use a shower timer or switch on your favourite 4 minute song to time your showers.

Showerhead Swap terms and conditions

Download our terms and conditions