Claim a rebate of up to $300 towards a new weather based irrigation controller for your garden. Part of this rebate includes the set up by an accredited Waterwise Garden Irrigator. If you're eligible, we will credit the rebate to your Water Corporation account.

Early access for garden bore owners

Bore water users can apply from 1 August 2022 to help adapt to a new two day watering roster. Registration for scheme users will open from 1 September 2022.

What does the offer include?

The Weather Based Irrigation Controller Rebate includes:

  • Up to $200 for the purchase of an eligible:
    • Weather-based irrigation controller, or
    • Weather-based component for an existing irrigation controller, or
    • Weather-based irrigation controller and component
  • AND up to $100 for a consultation and controller set-up by a Waterwise Garden Irrigator.

Rebate eligibility

This rebate is a limited offer and is only available for purchases made between the below dates. Rebate allocations may be exhausted before the closing date. You are not eligible to apply if you have previously claimed this rebate.

Bore owners: 1 August 2022 - 31 May 2023
Scheme users: 1 September 2022 - 31 May 2023

To be eligible for this rebate, you will need to:

Eligible irrigation controllers

Purchase one of the following brands and models to be eligible for this rebate. Check the terms and conditions for further product details.

How to apply

Please have the following ready before you apply:

  • Proof of purchase for the eligible product and set up (can be from different suppliers)
  • A copy of the completed programming checklist (provided by your Waterwise Garden Irrigator)

Apply for a weather based Irrigation controller rebate

The Weather Based Irrigation Controller Rebate (Rebate) is available to residential property owners in the Perth metropolitan area (including Peel) who are customers of the Water Corporation. A Rebate of up to $300 is available for the purchase, set up and programming of one eligible weather-based irrigation product. The Rebate is split between the purchase of the controller, and the cost of having the controller set-up at the customer’s home by a Waterwise Garden Irrigator. The Rebate for the purchase of the controller is the cost paid capped at $200. The Rebate for the set-up of the controller is the cost paid to have it set-up and programmed, capped at $100.

It is important you read and understand the terms and conditions before applying for the Rebate.

The Corporation offers the Rebate in accordance with the following terms and conditions. By participating in and registering for the Rebate, you are taken to have accepted these terms and conditions.


The terms in these conditions have the following meaning:
a. Corporation means Water Corporation (ABN 28 003 434 917);
b. Eligible Products (one only) means the following:

Eligible products
Brand Detail Weather source  Remote access 
Hunter Hydrawise Hunter Hydrawise Wi-Fi Controller OR Hunter X2 Controller AND WAND Wi-Fi module Internet Yes
Hunter Solar Sync Hunter Solar Sync ET Sensor AND a compatible Hunter controller (i.e. X-Core, Pro-C or ICC) OR Hunter Solar Sync ET Sensor for connection to an existing compatible Hunter controller (i.e. X-Core, Pro-C or ICC) Onsite weather station No
B-Hyve Orbit B-Hyve Smart Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller OR B-Hyve Pro Smart Wi-Fi Irrigation Internet Yes
Rain Bird LNK Rain Bird LNK Wi-Fi Module AND a compatible Rainbird controller (ESP-RZXe, ESP-Me3, ESP-TM2) OR a Rainbird LNK Wi-Fi Module for connection to and existing compatible Rainbird controller (ESP-RZXe, ESP-Me3, ESP-TM2) Internet  Yes

c. Eligible Services (one only) means the provision of a waterwise consultation and weather-based irrigation controller set-up and programming by a Waterwise Garden Irrigator;
d. Rebate means this Weather Based Irrigation Controller Rebate;
e. Waterwise Garden Irrigator means a person who is qualified to install the Eligible Product and has been endorsed by Irrigation Australia; and
f. Waterwise Irrigation Design Shop means specialist irrigation stores (endorsed by Irrigation Australia) focused on improving water efficiency in garden watering systems by raising the standard of design and advice offered through education and compliance.

Eligibility for the Rebate

  1. To qualify for the Rebate, your property must be a residential property in the Perth metropolitan area and you must be a customer of the Corporation.
  2. The Rebate is only available on Eligible Products and Eligible Services purchased from Waterwise Irrigation Design Shops and Waterwise Garden Irrigators.
  3. Bore water users have early access to this program and can apply for the rebate with proof any time between 1 August 2022 and 31 May 2023, or until 2,000 available allocations are exhausted.
  4. Scheme water users can apply for the rebate between 1 September and 31 May 2023, or until 2,000 available allocations are exhausted.
  5. The rebate cannot be claimed until weather-based irrigation is operational at the property and has been signed off by a Waterwise Garden Irrigator.
  6. Customers who received the Waterwise Irrigation controller discount or rebate as part of previous years offers are not eligible to apply for this Rebate.

Claiming the Rebate

  1. The Rebate can only be claimed by completing and submitting the application form on the Corporation’s website found in Waterwise Offers (available on Waterwise Offers) and must be accompanied by copies of:
    a. Proof of purchase in the form of a copy of the tax invoice/s issued by a Waterwise Irrigation Design Shop and/or a Waterwise Garden Irrigator detailing the Eligible Product and set-up price as separate items; and
    b. The signed Waterwise Consultation and Programming service checklist completed by the Waterwise Garden Irrigator at your property.
  2. The Rebate can only be claimed once per Corporation account number. Where a customer owns or looks after multiple properties each with different Corporation account numbers, the Rebate will be available for a maximum of three properties.
  3. A Rebate of up to $300 can only be claimed on Eligible Products and Eligible Services. The Rebate for the purchase of one (1) Eligible Product is the cost paid capped at $200. The Rebate for the Eligible Service is the cost paid to have the Eligible Product set-up and programmed, capped at $100.
  4. The Rebate is non-transferable and valid for a limited time only or until 2,000 Rebates have been claimed.
  5. Payments will be made by credit by the Corporation to the Corporation account number provided by you once the Rebate claims have been validated by the Corporation. Final decisions regarding reward eligibility will be made by the Corporation.
  6. Customers who use a bore for their water supply are eligible for access to this program as a priority from 1 August 2022. Scheme water users can register for this program from 1 September 2022 and approval of scheme water rebate applications will require at least one of the receipts to be dated after 1 September 2022.

Liability and warranty

  1. The Corporation will not be liable for any damages, claims or loss whatsoever suffered as a result of the installation of an Eligible Product or the performance of an Eligible Service unless, and only to the extent that, the Corporation has been negligent.
  2. You acknowledge and agree that the relevant businesses that supplied the Eligible Products and the Eligible Services will be responsible for managing all aspects of customer service associated with their products and services, including but not limited to bookings, installations, warranty claims and complaints.

Privacy statement

Personal information provided for the purposes of this program will be collected, used and disclosed in accordance with the Corporation’s Privacy Policy. Details of this policy are available on our Privacy Policy page.


Frequently asked questions

No. You will need to have proof, in the form of an invoice or receipt, that a Waterwise Garden Irrigator set up your weather based irrigation controller to be eligible for the rebate. If you install the product yourself, you will not be able to claim for any part of the offer.

Unfortunately, this offer is only available to customers who purchase an eligible weather based irrigation controller and have it set up by a professional. Rebates will not be given for a set-up service only.

Please look at our Spring Sprinkler Check if you need your irrigation system looked at for an overall health check.

No. Unfortunately the rebate does not cover any other costs. Including any costs charged by an electrician to assist with the controller being installed.

You must send your Weather Based Irrigation Controller Programming Service Checklist that the Waterwise Garden Irrigator will fill out with you. This checklist must be signed by you to confirm the consultation and set-up has been undertaken. Checklists without a customer signature will not be approved.

All rebates will be processed as a credit to each customer’s Water Corporation bill as default. In exceptional circumstances, we may consider requests to have claims sent to bank accounts. Please advise us of a request for consideration when you submit your application form.

If you have a Water Corporation account number at the property and have not claimed this offer for the property in the past, then you can claim this rebate for your rental property. If you will not be present when the Waterwise Garden Irrigator attends, please discuss the requirements with your tenant.

Yes. You can claim a rebate for up to 3 properties to ensure rebates are available for many customers.

This offer is only for Perth and Peel Water Corporation Customers. If you live outside this area, other offers are available on our Waterwise Offers page.