Code of Conduct

As Water Corporation employees, we are responsible for our behaviour and conduct in the workplace.

Message from the CEO

As Water Corporation employees we are responsible for our behaviour and conduct in the workplace.

Everyone at the Water Corporation, including directors, contractors and consultants, must be conscious of, and operate in accordance with the expectations of the community.

This Code of Conduct provides clear guidelines for the standards of behaviour and ethical and accountable decision-making expected in our dealings with each other, our customers and the community.

We need to familiarise ourselves with this Code of Conduct and understand what is expected of us.

Pat Donovan, Chief Executive Officer

Our Water Corporation Values

Our values give us direction about what’s expected of us, and help to make our priorities very clear, so we know where we’re going and why we’re here.

We are expected to act with our values in mind.

Our values are:

  • One Team – We are one team. We work together in the best interests of the Water Corporation and the community.
  • Think Safe, Act Safe – We put safety first in everything we do. We are responsible for ourselves and others.
  • Customer Focussed – We value our customers. We understand their needs and deliver great service.
  • Value Every Dollar – We add value to our customers. We manage every hour we work, every dollar we spend.
  • Future Thinking – We find clever and innovative ways to do things. We plan and deliver for the future.
  • Take Personal Ownership – We hold ourselves and each other to account. We each take responsibility for our own decisions and actions.

Our Conduct


We will:

  • behave in a way that upholds our values and good reputation
  • behave ethically, honestly and with integrity
  • act with care and diligence
  • treat everyone with respect, fairness and courtesy
  • maintain a safe and healthy workplace
  • maintain, use and continuously develop our knowledge and skills
  • comply with all lawful and reasonable directions given by the Corporation
  • comply with all applicable Australian laws and regulations.

Communication and official information

We will:

  • maintain appropriate confidentiality about the Corporation’s confidential information
  • respect the privacy of individuals and the security of personal information
  • protect the Corporation’s intellectual property
  • raise concerns of improper use of corporate information.

Fraudulent, corrupt or misleading and deceptive behaviour or conduct

We will:

  • not engage in behaviour or conduct that is fraudulent, corrupt or misleading and deceptive
  • not make use of the Corporation’s information, systems, property or its position to gain or seek improper benefit for ourselves, the Corporation or a third party
  • report any actual or suspected breach of this Code of Conduct, in particular fraud, corruption or misleading and deceptive behaviour.

Use of public resources 

We will:

  • use the resources, including information, property and systems of the Corporation effectively, economically, properly and lawfully
  • not use the Corporation’s resources for personal or financial gain
  • report any damage or loss of property and/or equipment immediately.

Recordkeeping and use of information 

We will:

  • properly record actions, decisions and transactions to ensure transparency and accuracy
  • ensure information, including confidential information, is recorded, handled and securely stored in accordance with record keeping and archive procedures
  • obtain authorisation before altering or destroying records.

Conflicts of interest and gifts and benefits 

We will:

  • disclose and take reasonable steps to avoid any actual, perceived or potential conflict of interest in connection with our work
  • openly declare private interests and affiliations that may conflict with or be perceived to conflict with the Corporation or the relevant individual’s duties or position
  • ensure decisions are accurately recorded so that they are transparent and capable of review
  • follow legislated and/or policy requirements for managing real, perceived or potential conflicts of interest
  • ensure that the acceptance (or refusal) of gifts, benefits or hospitality is in accordance with the Corporation’s policy and is recorded in the relevant Branch Gift Register
  • refuse any gift, benefit or hospitality that is likely to place the Corporation under an actual or perceived commercial, moral or ethical obligation to other organisations or individuals.

Reporting suspected breaches of the Code

We will:

  • report any actual or suspected misconduct or breach of the Code of Conduct, policies, guidelines or procedures to a Line Manager, the Human Resources Manager or the Principal Auditor
  • in the matter of a Public Interest Disclosure, approach a Public Interest Disclosure Officer or the Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer
  • accept that if we make a report of a breach or suspected breach of legal or ethical standards in good faith we will be dealt with in a confidential manner.

Compliance with policies, guidelines and procedures 

The Water Corporation has a number of policies, guidelines and procedures that set out specific legal and professional requirements and expectations.

We will adhere to these policies to protect the Corporation’s reputation and relationships. We are accountable for making ourselves aware of these documents and to understand and comply with our obligations.

If we don’t understand our obligations we will seek out the information. Our managers and supervisors will support us to ensure we always work to the standards we commit to in the Code of Conduct.

Breaches of Code of Conduct

We acknowledge the importance of the Code of Conduct to the good governance of the Water Corporation and the potential seriousness of any breach.

Any employee who breaches this Code or any of the policies, guidelines or procedures under it, or authorises or permits any breaches by a subordinate in sufficiently serious circumstances, may be subject to disciplinary action including dismissal.