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The South West corner of Australia is one of the places on the planet most impacted by climate change. Since the 1970s, annual winter rainfall in the region has reduced by around 20%.

That’s why it’s important we develop reliable alternatives to support the water needs of the Shire of Augusta-Margaret River, one of the most idyllic pockets of WA. Across the state, our dedicated employees work hard to future proof our water supply against climate change.

The innovative engineering behind the recently upgraded Margaret River Wastewater Treatment Plan is no exception.

Recent upgrades have doubled the capacity of the plant to 3 million litres of wastewater per day in order to accommodate for rising population in the popular holiday destination, and ensure effective treatment of wastewater for reuse.

Each day, around 1.6 million litres of wastewater enters the facility and 100% of this is recycled.

Margaret River, WA wastewater recycling plantMargaret River Wastewater Treatment Plant services the Shire of Augusta-Margaret River. Every drop of wastewater entering this facility is recycled.

Treated, recycled wastewater accounts for 99.85% of the facility’s output, and is used to irrigate a wide range of ovals, parks, and other recreational facilities in the Shire of Augusta-Margaret River. The recycled water also sustains 87 hectares of pine plantation.

The remaining recycled matter is solid. This matter is treated and converted into fertiliser, which is used on local woodlots.

Senior Project Manager Peter McCleery is full of pride of the outcome. “This incredible project result was achieved through ongoing collaboration with Water Corporation specialists, capable operators, designers and external contractors.

You can learn more about how climate change is impacting our water sources and how you can help save our precious resource. Remember we can all do something to save water—every drop of water counts and the accumulative sum can add up to big savings.

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