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[Presenter]: When planting out any verge, it’s important to consider line of sight. After all, you don't want to block the view for people driving in and out of their driveways. And keeping that in mind, all the plants that we are planting today will grow to 50 cm or less.

And when making any alterations to your verge, always check with the council. They’ll happily provide you with their verge policy so you know everything you’re doing is well within the rules.

Always use a waterwise mulch like this one with its coarse, irregular particle sizes. And remember to apply it 5 to 10 cm thick, keeping it clear of the plant trunks.

I'm pretty happy with this transformation. What we have now is a low-maintenance, natural, waterwise verge that will look great all year, and provide much-needed habitat for local birds, insects and reptiles.

[Sound of birds singing]

For a huge directory of plants suitable for verge planting and for brochures outlining different planting styles, check out the Water Corporation website,