[Voice over] As the seasons change, so do the watering needs of your lawn and garden. Most irrigation controllers have a setting called a ‘seasonal adjustment’ which takes the guesswork out for you.

As the seasons change, so do the water needs of your lawn and garden. Luckily, most irrigation controllers have something called a ‘seasonal adjustment’ setting which takes the guesswork out for you.

This setting works by increasing or decreasing the set watering times by a percentage value. For example, if you have a watering zone set to a run time of 10 minutes on your watering days, and then set the seasonal adjustment to 80%, the zone will now run for 8 minutes instead.

For Perth and the South West of WA, it’s recommended to run your seasonal adjustment at 100% for January & February only and gradually decrease the percentage as weather cools until winter when all irrigation systems must be switched off for the Winter Sprinkler Switch Off.Applying water in winter is a waste as nature takes care of your garden.

Remember – no matter what the season, your controller should always be turned off when it’s raining. That’s easy too, just switch to ‘off’ or press ‘snooze’. Some models of controller have gutter mounted rain sensors that will turn the water off for you automatically if you are away or if it rains overnight.

Remember that power outages can affect your programmed watering times on older systems. Make sure you regularly replace back up batteries and check that the system is correctly programmed for your watering days. Failure to do so could see your system either not work or work at all, or run on the incorrect days.

For more information on the importance of seasonal adjustment of your irrigation controller, visit watercorporation.com.au