[Voice over]: Our home irrigation systems can sometimes need more attention than we give them, and if we are not careful they can waste a lot of water while we’re busy doing other things. So it’s important to make sure you understand the basic rules to maintaining your irrigation system to avoid issues that may lead to wasted water.

It's vitally important you know how to switch off your irrigation when it rains & how to reduce your watering times while the weather is cool. All you need is a few minutes, and the manual to your system. Can't find it? Don't worry! You should be able to find a copy online or from our web site.

The biggest mistake most home owners make is to set and forget. Regular checks, as often as weekly in summer are very important for a correctly operational controller. All controller are designed with settings to help you alter your watering rates depending on the weather. We all have allocated watering days based on your houses street number but sometimes you won’t need to water on all of your allocated days.

It’s smart to regularly check your irrigation system is in good working order and keep an eye on your sprinklers for leaks and breaks. Replace worn nozzles and broken seals as necessary to make sure they’re only watering your garden and not the road or pavement. It’s easy to notice when they need to be replaced as your sprinklers will have uneven or blocked throw patterns.

It’s important to remember that power outages can affect your programmed watering times on older systems. If you’ve had power surges, failures or lightning nearby its worth checking your controller and make sure you regularly replace back up batteries and check that the system is correctly programmed for your watering days.

If you’d like some professional assistance to help save water in your garden with your irrigation system, search for a Waterwise Garden Irrigator. Our web site is a great place to start.