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[Izaiha - Drainage Operator ]:If I was talking to my mates at school I'd definitely recommend Water Corp.

Before I started, I didn't know what Water Corp actually do and how essential they are.

Hello, I’m Izaiha. I work for the drainage in Busso to Bunbury and I recently just jumped from my school-based traineeship. So I did that for two years, and so I did civil waste and water and I also did treatment waste and water and it was very enjoyable.

I enjoyed my 2 years with them and then straight after school-based training I got a full-time traineeship. I did that for 2 years and then I was lucky enough to land a job down in drainage in Busso.

I went to Newton Moore high school and we have an indigenous footy academy at the school, so our year coordinators at the indigenous academy introduced us to Water Corp.

[Patrick - Drainage Operator]:I was lucky to be the main person to mentor him about drainage. You work as a team together all the time, which is good you learn about each other.


[Izaiha]:You do things that you don't do anywhere else. You can also travel WA and go up north and live there. The versatility of the job – you won't get anywhere else and it's fun as well.

The best way to get started in life is nothing better than the working opportunity, so yeah I just took it and really really enjoyed it, glad I did it.