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[Voiceover]: Mulch makes a big difference to water loss in your garden. Mulch keeps sunlight out, which minimises evaporation. This helps your soil retain water and keep moisture around the roots of your plants where they need it most. Mulching well can achieve water savings of up to 20%.

Even better, without sun, the smothering effect means weed seeds cannot germinate as easily so you have less weed issues to deal with. Mulch is great for saving water and supressing weed growth in your garden leaving it looking great and using less water than non mulched gardens.

Another benefit of mulching that's less known is that Mulch also insulates plant roots and protects them from temperature fluctuations in the environment, reducing stress and making your plants hardier.

When it comes to mulching, not all mulches are created equal. You might think that using soft, fine mulches like straw & pea mulch are best but in actual fact they can dramatically reduce the amount of water that can penetrate down into the soil. Getting the right mulch is vitally important if you truly want to save water.

The best soil for water-saving is a coarse, chunky product. A good tip is to walk on it in bare feet and if it’s uncomfortable then you’re on the right path! Or the wrong one.. the thing is this kind of mulch allows water to penetrate the soil quickly and reduces evaporation at the same time saving water. It also lasts longer reducing the need to constantly mulch garden beds the way you would with fine mulches.

When applying mulch, you want to apply it generously to get the full benefits. You’re looking for a depth of between 5-10cm thick across the surface of the soil to achieve the best result.

Even better, as organic mulch slowly breaks down in your garden, beneficial nutrients are released into the soil, improving soils structure and health contributing to a healthier, more waterwise garden.

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