We run an expansive network that delivers water across Western Australia. In some locations, it is not always possible to maintain a continuous water supply at our quality and pressure standards.

Some properties are unable to access a water supply that meets the level of service required under our operating licence. To be able to supply water to these properties, we issue a non-standard water service notification.

The notification outlines the conditions associated with the use of the water service. Conditions relate to water quality, water pressure, continuity and/or flow rate.

Does your property have a non-standard water service?

The following conditions could impact your water:

  • Non-potable water supply
  • Untreated water supply
  • Treat before use water supply
  • Continuity
  • Non-standard water pressure
  • Flow rate
  • Private main

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How do I know if my property has a non-standard water service?

Property owners

We notify owners when connecting to the network or when the property changes ownership. The service will remain in place unless the conditions of supply change. This may happen where a standard water service becomes available. It can also occur if we can no longer provide this non-standard water service to your property.

We may also review the water service to your property and identify the need for a non-standard water service. In this situation, we will contact you to discuss your water supply.

Alternatively, you can contact us to find out if your property has a non-standard water service.

Buying a property

Your real estate agent and settlement agent should let you know through the buying process. We send you a notification of your non-standard water services when we are made aware of the settlement. Potential buyers can request a property interest report through Landgate to find out this information.

Renting a property

If you are a tenant, your property manager or owner should let you know.

New services

We will notify you at the time of application and let you know of any related conditions.

Frequently asked questions

It depends on the water quality condition that applies to your property. Find out more information about the conditions and the actions to take below.

Non-potable water supply

Untreated water supply

Treat before use water supply

Conditions not related to water quality
This includes pressure, continuity, flow, and/or private main conditions. You will receive treated water that is safe to drink.

We take a conservative approach based on a range of factors such as:

  • The source of the water supply
  • Water quality sampling data
  • Distance from the treatment facility
  • An understanding of how the local scheme operates

Depending on your water condition, there’s a few things you need to consider. Find out more information and the conditions and the actions to take below. 

Non-potable water supply

Untreated water supply

Treat before use water supply


Non-standard water pressure

Flow rate

Private main


You should have been advised via:

  • The previous owner who is responsible for initially informing prospective buyers
  • Your real estate agent or settlement agent during the buying process

After settlement, we send you a notification of your non-standard water service. We also let you know of the conditions that apply to the water service.

We supply non-standard water service based on acceptance of the supply conditions. We cannot guarantee any future improvements to these conditions.

We regularly undertake projects across WA to improve and maintain our water supply network. The water service to some properties may improve due to these upgrades. We also conduct periodic reviews to see if operational changes have improved conditions. We will notify you if your conditions change.

More info: Learn about our current and upcoming projects

Having a non-standard water service does not impact your water bill charges.

The water service charge component of your bill is uniform throughout the State for residential properties. Many of our rural schemes are heavily subsidised.

We have a tiered pricing system to encourage the careful use of water. Water use charges vary depending on where you live. For regional properties, it depends on your town's class and location.

More info: Find out more about our fees and charges

Most non-standard water service conditions are due to:

  • The topography of the land
  • The remote location of the property
  • The types of water sources that are available

Because of this, non-standard water service conditions can often apply to other properties in your area. This isn’t always the case though. An example is if several different water sources supply a single shire. One property may have drinking water while another may have a non-potable or non-drinking water supply.

It can also depend on the location of properties within the water supply network. Properties that receive water direct from the source (e.g. dam or bore) will have an untreated (raw) water supply.