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Keeping your information as secure as possible is important to us.

In July 2019 we updated our security systems for My Water, BuilderNet, AOHS and Backflow Online Lodgement. We're now using a new system to identify you as a registered user and verify who you are. We are committed to protecting your information and to ensure we keep it safe, we cannot copy your password from one system to the other. This means you will need to set up a new password the next time you log in after the update.

You will notice a few changes to these systems.


When you arrive at the login page, you will notice a different the web address in the address bar at the top of your screen will be different – e.g. where it was previously just Once you are past the log in process this will change back to

Logging in

When you log in for the first time after the update, you will be asked to create a new password. For our new security systems passwords must be:

  • 8 to 16 characters long

  • Contain 3 out of the 4 following features: lowercase characters, uppercase characters, numbers (0 to 9), or @ # $ % ^ & * - _ + = [ ] { } | \ : ' , ? / ` ~ " ( ) ; .

When creating a new password in My Water, a verification code will be sent to the email address associated with the account, instead of being asked to answer ‘secret questions’.