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Say hello to Patrick, a Civil Operator with a taste of adventure and love for his local town.

Patrick in his workplace with nature in the background wearing hivis

For those with a keen eye, you may remember Patrick from a previous video two years ago. Having celebrated his 10-year milestone working at Water Corporation, we thought it was a great time to catch up with Patrick to see where he is now.

While cruising on the beach is still part of his day-to-day role, we are excited to hear Patrick has successfully secured a new role as a Civil Operator in Bunbury.

So, what exactly does a Civil Operator do?

“As a Civil Operator, I help to inspect and maintain the water supply and wastewater systems in the South West region to keep them running. My day-to-day work ensures that water comes out the tap and wastewater flushes down the sewer. It’s important work that I’m proud to do as it directly affects the communities in my region!” said Patrick. 
If that wasn’t enough, Patrick is also a Mental Health Champion, Health and Safety Representative and schnitzel connoisseur. More on that later. 

Over the 10 years, Patrick has taken the opportunity to carve out his own career pathway at Water Corporation. Starting as a Meter Reader, he also worked as a Drainage Operator before taking on this latest role in April 2023. 

Patrick is supported by his team and the Operations Manager - Service Delivery. “The Operations Manager is there to help me progress my career. The team are always there to support me work-wise, and different sections of the teams always help each other. The team leaders are also happy to assist with volunteer opportunities too, for example I am a Health and Safety Representative and a Mental Health Champion.”  Together Patrick and his team, they are living our value of ‘working as one’. 

When inspecting drainage outlets along the beach, you may spy Patrick popping into his much-loved and favourited pit stop - the local servo on the South Western Highway in Brunswick. Apparently, the Chicken Bacon and Cheese Schnitzel is a must-try for anyone in the area. 

Career highlight 

When asked about a key highlight over the last 10 years, Patrick recounts the day he mastered the art of operating an excavator to open a drainage ocean outlet.  

“It was very satisfying watching water from the drain flow out to the ocean. After the contractors clear away the sandbar buildup, operating the excavator feels significantly smoother and more satisfying. You don't really expect a mini excavator or any heavy machinery to be on the beach. You feel lucky to be working on the beach.” A memorable accomplishment! 

Patrick on a hivis doing his work in nature

It’s all about the work- life balance 

Outside work, you can find Patrick making the most of his work-life balance benefits and the coastal town lifestyle; from fishing off the Busselton jetty, 4WDing adventures exploring the South West and spending quality time with family and friends. On the odd occasion, you can also spot Patrick in Perth, enjoying a short-stay holiday, thanks to exclusive corporate discounts from his social club membership. Life is about striking the right balance between work and play. 

Beyond day-to-day life, Patrick harbours a dream that's pure wanderlust. “I would love to go on a trip to Korea trip, and to one day fly business class with my family." 

Patrick’s work remains pivotal to the South West regional community and we congratulate him on this latest role. From career changes, beachside schnitzels, excavator adventures and beyond, Patrick’s career journey encapsulates what it is like to thrive as you shape WA’s water future.