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We're working hard to make sure everyone feels welcomed and respected at work, no matter who they are. On important days like International Women's Day we're especially excited to celebrate and share the great work we do.

Female Water Corporation employee

Representation at every level

Earlier this year, we welcomed Andrea Sutton to our team as the new Chair of the Board of Directors. With more than 25 years in operational and corporate roles, Andrea also sits on the board for the National Association of Women in Operations, highlighting her commitment to empowering women in their careers. Joining Gningala Yarran-Mark, Helen Creed and Janine Freeman, Andrea is a valuable addition to our majority female board. 

By listening and learning, we’re on a journey to challenge assumptions and raise the bar for gender equality. We’re focusing on gender equality so that all employees feel accepted, included, empowered, and fairly treated at work.

Empowering all employees

We’re committed to fostering a work environment where everyone feels valued and empowered. In addition to our current female leaders, we actively pursue many initiatives to ensure gender equity in our organisation. 

  • The Gender Balance for Better working group, sponsored by executives, spans several parts of the organisation. Its purpose is to foster more gender inclusion through advocacy and impactful projects. 
  • Through initiatives like our Family and Domestic Violence policy and Employee Assistance Program, we offer free and confidential counselling to our employees to ensure they feel safe and supported in the workplace.
  • We offer several leadership development programs, including LEDA, Women Rising and the Women in Leadership Summit. These programs empower women to thrive in their careers and ensure we’re investing in diversity at all levels. 
  • The Women in Tech and Allies program fosters a supportive environment for women in tech roles and promotes inclusivity in the traditionally male dominated field. 
  • We offer comprehensive training programs on gender equity for employees and leaders. The programs are led by the CEO of the Diversity Council of Australia. 
  • We’re active members of organisations such as CEOs for Gender Equity, helping to champion progress towards workplace equality. 
  • We offer a range of health and well-being programs including education about periods and menopause and presentations on healthy masculinity. These programs cover diverse needs and promote well-being for all of our employees. 
  • We run research programs and collaborate and partner with institutions on initiatives, such as Curtin University's Girls+ Engineering Tomorrow program. We also contribute to research initiatives like the Culturally and Racially Marginalised (CARM) Women study by the Diversity Council of Australia.

We’re proud to celebrate the achievements of women across our organisation. While we've made great progress, there's always room for improvement and we'll keep working hard to make Water Corporation a place for everyone.