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The City of Canning has been awarded the 2019 Waterwise Council of the Year. Read about their waterwise initiatives and how their collaborative effort is promoting sustainable water practices across the City.

The City of Canning is committed to managing resources responsibly. It continues to demonstrate this in several ways such as waterwise landscaping through hydrozoning, capturing and storing stormwater to irrigate streetscapes, efficient use of fertilisers, fitting new and old facilities with waterwise fixtures, and employing waterwise practices at aquatic centres.

By joining the Waterwise Council Program, the City has benefited from cross-collaboration across the organisation to achieve target goals as staff at all levels have been involved, resulting in greater job satisfaction and a sense of achievement.

The City manages 260 areas of public open space irrigated using groundwater. It has implemented waterwise landscaping techniques in parks, such as hydrozoning, which reduces the amount of lawn to irrigate and increases local vegetation for native wildlife. The City applies alternative waterwise plantings, including the use of succulents on roundabouts and medium strips. The turf in reserves is maintained through an innovative nutrient management system resulting in a more efficient application of fertiliser and a reduction of watering to maintain healthy green zones.

Success hasn’t come without its challenges though – for example, transitioning to waterwise landscaping while also maintaining usability and attractiveness in public open space for residents. Some of the City’s older facilities have required customisation to fit newer waterwise fittings, and replacing stolen plants from around the City also comes with more expense.

Many of the challenges the City has faced have brought their staff together and created unprecedented collaboration. One of the main highlights from their waterwise experience is the collaboration across departments to deliver waterwise solutions. All departments across the City working on waterwise projects are seeing the possibilities of what can be achieved and are identifying more opportunities. As they continue working together, they are gaining more momentum across different areas and becoming more collaborative.

Photo of Lambertia Creek Living Stream 2019
Lambertia Creek Living Stream 2019 - City of Canning.

Based on Canning’s experience in the Waterwise Council Program, the City has some advice for residents and councils alike – it suggests starting small and working your way up. Speak to neighbours about what they are doing and how things have worked in terms of practicality and cost and use the available resources and rebates, community programs and learning opportunities. The City encourages residents to think about how they can save time, money and help the local environment by being more waterwise. An example of this could be converting lawn and garden beds to native plants which are low maintenance and provide food and a home for local wildlife.

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