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Caring for our most precious resource is a big responsibility. We are always developing new ways to reduce, recover and recycle. Our number one goal is to make sure we protect and preserve our rich biodiversity. This includes our beautiful oceans.

Recycling plastic is one way we reduce our ocean pollution. How? Because it helps keep plastic waste out of landfill. Which is why we are a proud supporter of City of Rockingham’s Castaways Sculpture Awards. This unique outdoor art exhibition showcases sculptures made from ‘waste’.

Castaway sculpture artists

Fanciful Floral Flurry by Sharon Baxter and Rachael Lemon

Full bottle on National Recycling Week

It’s time to celebrate National Recycling Week. One of the awards presented at the Castaways Sculpture Awards is for sustainability. We sponsor this award to help spread the message about protecting our state and unique biodiversity.

Congratulations to Fanciful Floral Flurry by Sharon Baxter and Rachael Lemon. Their winning sculpture is made of plastic including bread ties. They spent days collecting waste from the Safety Bay, Baldivis and Golden Bay area. The showstopper paints a very impactful picture of household plastic that may ordinarily go unnoticed. 

The bread clip in particular, is a great symbol of our throwaway society.  

Bread tag sculpture

A close-up of Fanciful Floral Flurry

Turning the tide on plastic pollution

We all have a role to play in reducing our environmental footprint. We are always looking at ways to lessen the impact of our operations. If everyone at home also commits to small changes, we would see a big difference. Reducing your household waste and water use, can also save energy and money. 

Learn more by browsing our waterwise advice page. It might be just the inspo you need to kickstart your sustainable journey.