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Have you ever thought about how many times you reach for the tap every day? It’s so easy to use water mindlessly.

National Water Week is the time to build self-awareness and think about water use in our homes. This year’s theme is about reimagining our water future. With growing populations and declining rainfall in many areas, we must be more resourceful with how we use and recycle water.

Join us this National Water Week as we participate in Smart Approved WaterMark’s Water Night event on Thursday 22nd of October. Water Night encourages Aussies to avoid the taps and only use one 10 litre bucket of water from 5pm to 5am the following morning. Get the whole family involved and see if you can switch off the taps for the night!

Water Night tips and tricks

  • Fill up enough water bottles for your household and put them in the fridge in advance.
  • Make sure you have a standard bucket or container (approximately 9-10L) to keep your water allowance in.
  • Cover your taps with a towel to remind you not to touch them
  • All participants are encouraged to continue to use running water for handwashing and religious purposes, and use the half flush when flushing the toilet. This does not need to be included in your 10L allowance.
  • Make sure to hold on to your bucket after the challenge. Use it to wash your car, collect water in the shower or even as a beach toy for the kids.

Are you ready to take on the challenge?

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