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Our Waterwise Cities Program began in 2018 to accelerate Perth’s journey to becoming a world-leading waterwise city. This will help ensure that our communities are liveable, resilient, sustainable, and productive for future generations. 

Perth is one of the world’s cities most impacted by climate change, with higher average temperatures, an increase in the annual number of days over 35℃ and reduced annual rainfall. As WA’s principal water service provider, we play a key role in ensuring the resilience and liveability of Perth. 

We have now transitioned the program into our core business by embedding waterwise thinking and goals into our organisation.

This will help us continue to find opportunities to deliver greater benefit to the community and environment, and transition to a cleaner energy future.

Here’s a few of the most notable achievements from the last 5 years.

  • Over 1.9 billion litres of water have been saved through our residential waterwise offers, alongside initiatives with schools, businesses, and other sectors. 
  • We worked with stakeholders to achieve a 26 per cent improvement in our urban water management performance score, and planning has been undertaken to deliver Perth and Peel’s water supply needs up to 2050. 
  • Our Waterwise Schools Program has vastly expanded in reach, teaching students about Perth’s water cycle, water in Aboriginal culture and how to be waterwise. This year, the program reached over 42,000 students: an all-time record. 
  • 100 per cent of Perth’s metro local governments have been endorsed as Waterwise Councils. 
  • The H2OME Study represented the largest ever residential water-use study in our history, helping us to better understand water use in the home and garden and plan for Perth’s water future. 
  • Add in the co-funding of nearly 200,000 waterwise plants and 7,000 waterwise trees, plus the transformation of over 1,100 verges and 26 drainage assets to improve green space and biodiversity, and it’s clear that Perth is well on its way to being a leading waterwise city. 

We continue to support delivery of the WA Government’s Kep Katitjin-Gabi Kaadadjan (Waterwise Perth action plan 2), which outlines how eleven agencies are working together towards the vision of Perth as a leading waterwise city by 2030.  

To learn more visit our Annual Report.