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Our Partnerships and Education team are taking proactive steps towards education for sustainability. 

Over the last month, the team attended a range of conferences and events where they learnt new and local initiatives as well as the small changes we can implement to help us live a more sustainable life. 

Education for Sustainability aims to develop students, schools and communities with the values and motivation to take action for sustainability. 

Our highly successful Waterwise Schools Program was put under the spotlight at the Catchments, Corridors and Coasts event. 

The one-day event gave teachers, environmental educators and sustainability champions the opportunity to network and engage with one another, and highlighted the important part our education program plays in informing students on water conservation and getting them to value this precious resource. 

Another key event in our calendar was the Cockburn Environmental Leadership Day, which our education team was invited to present at. 

Year 5 emerging leaders were given the opportunity to participate in range of activities including our School Education connecting with the wetlands activity. 

Mindarie Senior College hosted their 10th Sustainability Expo, recognising the importance of sustainability and our personal responsibility to be global citizens. The event increased students’ awareness of the activities undertaken by the organisations and how students can get involved with these in their own homes, at college or in the wider community. 

The team also visited the Cockburn Student Reference Group with our canine leak detection specialist, Kep, and his handler Dylan who talked to the students about water conservation and sustainable water use.

Kep visits Cockburn Student Reference Group

Our canine leak detection specialist, Kep visits students and the Cockburn Student Reference Group. 

Our Waterwise Schools Program

Our Waterwise Schools Program achieved incredible success during the 2022-23 academic year, with a participation rate of more than 42,000 students. 

Having been around since 1955, our program has a rich history of teaching students about water conservation. 

With a range of exciting learning sessions that explore important topics like the water cycle, sustainability and the significance of water in Aboriginal culture, the program plays a vital role in shaping the conservation mindset of the future generation. 

And our program’s influence doesn’t stop when students leave the classroom. Around 82% of families are likely to make waterwise changes in their daily routines after their children participate in the program, demonstrating the level of influence it has on students. 

Looking ahead, our program plans to involve 50,000 students every year by 2023. This goal reflects our commitment to educating and inspiring a larger number of young minds about the importance of water conservation.

You can find out more about our school programs here.