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The Aboriginal Procurement Policy (the APP) mandates progressive targets for the number of WA Government contracts above $50k awarded to registered Aboriginal businesses. The APP does not apply to Government Trading Enterprises (GTEs) however the Water Corporation has decided to comply with the Policy as it aligns with our RAP and Boards Aspirations. The Policy covers purchases of goods, services, community services and works.

Water Corporation’s APP commitments are about creating opportunities for Aboriginal businesses to grow and employ more people. A strong Aboriginal Business sector will help drive financial independence and create wealth and opportunities for Aboriginal Australians. The policy also provides a basis for Aboriginal economic development in regional and remote Western Australian.

Each year, Water Corporation purchases millions of dollars’ worth of goods and services. This policy commitment seeks to harness that purchasing power to achieve real change for Aboriginal Australians.

Become an Aboriginal Supplier for Water Corporation

You may want to register if:

  • you want to bid on a public tender
  • one of our representatives has asked you to register
  • you wish to be considered for future tenders and opportunities
  • you are not already one of our suppliers or contractors

Current tenders

If you are one of our Aboriginal suppliers and interested in viewing the list of open tenders, please visit our public tenders page.

More information

For further information on our APP or being an Aboriginal Supplier, please contact our Senior Advisor, Aboriginal Contractor Engagement on