There are various different reports that contractors are required to submit to us.

Contractors are required to report monthly on their WHS performance via the eProcurement Supplier Portal. For more information on how to use the supplier portal and submit your statistics please view our fact sheet.

If you have any queries about monthly WHS statistics or are unable to enter your statistics online, please contact us on or call (08) 9420 3090.

Reporting WHS incidents and near misses

Contractors should verbally notify their Water Corporation Representative of incidents, injuries, diseases and near misses in accordance with our Health, safety and environment requirements for contractors.

As a minimum, incidents that must be reported are:

  • dangerous incidents including near misses
  • lost time injury/disease (where the employee is off work one full shift or longer)
  • medical treatment injuries (where the employee is requiring treatment from a medical or health practitioner)
  • injuries to the public
  • incidents having the obvious potential to cause any of these outcomes.

If you are unable to contact your Water Corporation representative, call us on (08) 9273 4698 with the incident or near miss details.

Environmental incidents and near misses

All environmental incidents and near misses must be verbally reported to your Water Corporation representative. You will need to provide full details on what has happened and where.

It is important that you report all incidents and near misses immediately, no matter how big or small the environmental impact is. If your Water Corporation representative is not available in this timeframe, you should notify our Operations Centre on (08) 9273 4698.