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HSE prequalification is used to re-assess existing suppliers and contractors' current prequalification information.

HSE prequalification can be triggered in multiple ways:

  • an automated email when existing prequalification is due to expire
  • by the supplier seeking a change to work categories they are already prequalified for
  • by our procurement people
  • by our HSE people

How to prequalify

  1. Use the HSE prequalification requirements guide
    • These will tell you the requirements (and documentation needed) to become requalified.
  2. Prepare and upload your documents
    • Once you've prepared the documents we need, you'll need to submit them in the supplier portal - otherwise known as eProcurement.
    • Go to the Supplier Profile, scroll down to the HSE Details section, then click Review/Submit requalification. Click Edit to begin.
  3. Get notified of the outcome
    • Once we receive your requalification submission, we'll review it and decide whether you meet our HSE criteria. If we need any further information, we'll contact you.
    • Once your application has been assessed, we'll contact you to let you know the outcome.

Go to the HSE Prequalification Requirements Guide