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Prequalified contractors can access information about our upcoming works and apply for projects.

Available opportunities

Most of our major capital works are tendered through a select bid process, rather than by open tender. We would like to provide potential contractors with greater visibility of future projects, and the opportunity to discuss particular projects with us before the bids are issued.

You can view the list of work contracts planned across metropolitan and regional areas. This information will be updated on a regular basis, and things may change.

To find out more, please contact the Project Director associated with the contract.

Please note: to minimise tendering costs we limit the number of bids for each contract. Submitting your interest does not guarantee that you will be included on the bid list for that contract.


The Code of Practice for the WA Building and Construction Industry and the Code of Tendering - AS4120 will apply to all Water Corporation tenders for construction work.

Current tenders

If you are interested in viewing the list of open tenders visit our public tenders page.