This page contains information to help our contractors and consultants obtain external approvals for engineering infrastructure capital projects, including developer funded works.

The External Approvals Manual assists our staff, consulting engineers and authorised contractors to comply with relevant legislation and statutory requirements.

The manual details our policy for notification of works proposals and approvals from other authorities and decision making organisations and should be used as a checklist and reference from planning through to handover.

The External Approvals Manual can be accessed via our online procurement system, eProcurement.

If you already have an eProcurement login but cannot view the External Approvals Manual, please email and request access.

Please contact the External Approvals Section on if you have any questions regarding the manual.

Stakeholder contact details

Contact details for organisations and agencies to be contacted when obtaining external approvals is available to consulting engineers and authorised contractors. We can provide contacts for:

  • Organisations and agencies listed on the External Approvals Tracking Spreadsheet
  • Organisations and agencies to be contacted as part of the Preliminaries to Works process
  • Local government authorities

To request contact details for an organisation or agency please email Community Engagement at

Preliminaries to works letters

Appendix 2 of the External Approvals Manual contains Prerequisites to Works letter templates. If you are an authorised Consulting or Design Engineer, and are preparing Prerequisites to Works documents, it is recommended that you use these templates and amend where appropriate.

The External Approvals Manual is available via eProcurement.

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