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The Backflow Smart Testers Program allows plumbing businesses with accredited backflow testers who register and agree to submit test reports through our web application only to be promoted through our website.

To be eligible for the Backflow Smart Testers Program, all of your certified backflow testers must also be separately registered to submit test report forms online via our backflow test report lodgement system.

Customers may choose any plumbing business with accredited backflow testers, however by selecting a Backflow Smart Tester they have the confidence the business has met our reporting requirements by completing the online submission process.

Program advantages

  • Registered testers will have their business details listed on our website and will be identifiable to our customers, who may choose to engage a Backflow Smart Tester to undertake work on their behalf.
  • Customers will have access to an online search tool for backflow testing companies in their area.
  • Water Corporation backflow test reminder and compliance letters will refer customers to the Backflow Smart Testers Program.

Register as a Backflow Smart Tester

Read the program terms and conditions.