Information for land developers, planners, state and local government agencies about existing and planned capacity and location of our water and wastewater services.

Greenfields development

Greenfield land is underdeveloped land in a city or rural area.

We encourage planners, engineers and developers to contact us as early as possible in the land planning process, so we can advise on the location and capacity of existing and planned infrastructure, and the planned timing of infrastructure delivery.

This will help us to ensure sufficient water and wastewater infrastructure is available for your proposed land development.

Please complete our advice form if you require information on planning for services.

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Infill development

Infill development that takes place in existing urbanised areas. Urbanised land refers to land that has been developed to include uses like residential, community and industrial purposes.

Proposed infill development may mean existing water and wastewater infrastructure is not sufficient to meet the future needs of the area.

We encourage planning authorities to contact us as early as possible in the planning process so we can assess the feasibility of infill developments and plan any required infrastructure upgrades to our headworks system.

You can contact our Land Planning team on for advice if you are:

  • undertaking strategic planning for a new urban area
  • re-planning an existing area
  • assessing the feasibility of your rezoning or development