Find out here about the fees that may apply to your development submission.

Water and sewer services

The table below includes the most common fees applied to subdivisions within our land servicing agreements. No GST applies.

Fees for water and sewer services  
Future water service connection (20mm) $1,663.00
Meter relocation fee – more than 0.5m (20mm service) $1,836.00
Cut in sewer junction (100mm) $ 865.26
Cut in sewer junction (150mm) $ 1,060.43

Deferring infrastructure contributions

Payment of infrastructure contributions can be deferred for up to 12 months - find out more about eligibility and conditions. Fees include GST.

Fees for deferring infrastructure contributions
Deferral secured by a memorial (Fee per lot) 
Under Regulation 29 Water Services Regulations 2013
Financial Guarantee / Agreement admin  
Agreement fee for deferral by Financial Guarantee $1,017.72
Interest rate 10.08%

Preparing and handling documents

Please note memorials and notifications fees do not include Landgate registration fees. Fees include GST.

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Memorials - (Fee per document)
Under Section 128 Water Services Act 2012
Notifications – (Fee per document)
Under S70A of Transfer of Land Act

Performance agreements/early clearances

Fees include GST.

Fees relating to performance agreements/early clearances
Fee per design accepted for early clearances $544.94


Staged or revised land development agreements

For each subdivision application we will prepare up to 3 new or revised land development agreements. Further agreements will incur a fee. Fees include GST.

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Additional staged or revised agreement fee (per agreement) $277.09