Standpipes are portable water services designed to be connected to a hydrant in a water main to gain access to bulk water.

Standpipes are a last resort option when all other possible alternative water sources are not available or do not meet the required water quality requirements.

Accessing standpipes

All standpipes used in the Perth Metro region must be metered and hired from us. The standpipe may only be used in the Perth Metro region which is an area bounded by the local government boundaries of Rockingham, Serpentine-Jarrahdale, Armadale, Mundaring, Swan, Kalamunda and Wanneroo.

Water Corporation standpipes must not be used at the Perth Airport or Fremantle Port Authority locations as their hydrants are privately owned.

To prevent the potential disruption to water pressure for surrounding customers, we request that you avoid connection to any mains of 100mm diameter or less.

In regional areas including Mandurah customers can access bulk water through fixed standpipe stations.

There are 2 sizes of metered standpipes 25mm (100 litres per minute) and 40mm (250 litres per minute).

When can a standpipe be used?

Hydrant standpipes can be used for the following purposes:

  • short term pavement works (e.g. car park/footpath construction) 
  • landscaping and tree works
  • high pressure applications
  • drain cleaning
  • drilling
  • dewatering
  • chemical application
  • water boring
  • dust suppression
  • filling a storage vessel (drinking or other).

It is forbidden to fill a swimming pool from a hydrant source unless the water is carted to the property and there is no alternative water source at the property where the pool is located.

Conditions for alternative sources

A licence will not be issued where an alternative water source is available within a 5 kilometre radius of the intended location of use.

The alternatives could include water courses, shared bores or dams. 

Bulk water requirements for dust suppression will not be approved unless the following is provided with the application:

  1. Refusal from the Department of Water or other responsible department that it has refused to grant to the Applicant a licence under section 5C of the Rights in Water and Irrigation Act 1914 (WA); or
  2. Written support advice for using potable water on water quality grounds.

If you have a need for surface or groundwater water you must make an application to the Department of Water and allow 3 months for your application to be assessed. 

To apply for a water allocation licence for the Perth Metropolitan area you should contact the Department of Water’s Swan / Avon Regional Office on (08) 6250 8000 or the Kwinana / Peel Regional Office on (08) 9550 4222 or your local Department of Water office.

Hiring a standpipe

To hire a metered standpipe you need to apply for a hydrant standpipe.

Only 1 standpipe may be requested per application. A credit assessment will be performed as part of the approval assessment. An existing customer’s meter reading, licence renewal compliance and invoice payment history will also be checked. The following additional documents must accompany each hire or licence renewal application: 

  • Evidence / supporting information about why alternative sources of water supply are not suitable for the intended purpose.
  • Identification (copy of driver’s license or passport).
  • Wastewater permit (if water is disposed to sewer or storm water drains).
  • Copy of Public Liability Insurance Certificates.

Please read through the Hydrant Standpipe Licence Agreement terms and conditions carefully as they are the basis for which the standpipe is hired and by submitting the application you are agreeing to be bound by those terms and conditions. 

Note: Allow up to 1 week for approval of a standpipe hire application upon provision of a completed application.


Licence renewals are no longer required however a change in water use requires a new licence.

No fee is charged for this type of application.

The application for a new licence is made by email to .

Fees and charges

Refer to the Perth Region Standpipe Hire Fees for current fees and charges.

There is no additional fee to apply for a licence extension.

If the application is approved we will contact you to pay an application fee, security bond and 1 month’s hire fees.

When you supply a payment receipt a goods docket will be issued advising of details to collect the standpipe. This docket must be presented to the store to receive a standpipe.

If the Licence Extension application is approved a new Licence will be issued and must be retained with the standpipe. The old licence document for the standpipe can then be destroyed.

Your responsibilities

  • Monthly meter readings emailed to prior to the 15th day of each month. 
  • To avoid interest charges payment is to be made within 14 days of the date of the invoice.
  • Standpipes that develop a fault or are damaged must be reported and returned as soon as practicable.
  • The sale of your business requires the return of all your hired standpipes and settlement of your account.
  • See our Terms and conditions for further information.