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Do you want to be one of our suppliers or contractors? Registering to become a supplier is an expression of interest to conduct business with us.

You need to register if you:

  • would like to bid on a public tender
  • have been asked to register
  • wish to be considered for future tenders and opportunities
  • are not already one of our suppliers or contractors

It’s important you understand that registration does not guarantee you will be successful in obtaining work from or providing goods to us.

Successful registrations ensure that our suppliers and contractors are committed to our health, safety and environment requirements.

We are committed to establishing and maintaining sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships with Aboriginal communities and people wherever we operate. Find out more about our commitment to working with Aboriginal suppliers.

The Complete Supplier Registration quick reference sheet provides a step by step guide on how to complete the registration form. 

HSE contractor induction course

When you register to become a supplier you will need to complete the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Contractor Induction course to ensure that you are aware of your responsibilities and our expectations regarding HSE.

If you work at one of our offices, sites or assets you must be able to prove that you have completed our HSE Contractor Induction. You need to complete our online induction course every 3 years.

When you approach the expiry date of your current induction please complete our online induction to renew your pre-qualification.

If your pre-qualification lapses it could restrict your company’s ability to be engaged for future works. While this will not impact your engagement if your pre-qualification lapses while you are working with us, it is advisable to maintain an active prequalification status.

Panels of preferred suppliers

We also have Panels of Preferred Suppliers for goods and services commonly used throughout the state.

If you wish to be considered for inclusion on one of these panels, please contact our procurement services team with your company details and range of goods or services and the appropriate Panel Manager will contact you.