The Waterwise Products Program is unique to WA and provides an opportunity for approved products to feature the waterwise logo on their packaging.

Smart Approved WaterMark is a water efficiency scheme that certifies water saving products and services.

This program focuses on products that can help achieve water saving inside and outside of the home including any water saving products in one of the following Smart Approved WaterMark categories:

  • Watering – drip irrigation, weather controllers, sprinkler systems, soil moisture monitors, rain sensors, watering measures, bushfire watering systems, wicking beds
  • Gardening – mulches, smart pots, soil enhancers, wetting agents
  • Pool and spa covers
  • Greywater systems
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Plumbing products
  • Bathroom - tap aerators, waterless urinals, vacuum toilets, shower timers
  • Cleaning - cleaning machines and handheld trigger nozzles
  • Car - waterless car cleaning products
  • Glasswashers
  • Leaks - products for identifying or fixing leaks
  • Water management tools for optimising water and soil nutrients

Approved participants are provided with an electronic version of the waterwise logo to use on product packaging*. Manufacturers will be required to apply the logo onto packaging and marketing materials at their own cost. Approved products will be listed on the joint  Waterwise Products and Smart Approved WaterMark website.

Product categories

To find out which category your product fits into, visit the Smart Approved WaterMark website.

In order to be eligible for endorsement, your products must be appropriate/relevant to Western Australian conditions (as verified by WA Industry) and available to the general public. Greywater systems must also be approved by the WA Department of Health.

Please note that the above criteria does not apply to waterwise plants. Production nurseries wishing to use the Waterwise logo on plant labels are encouraged to contact us for details on the endorsement process specific to waterwise plants.

Apply for product endorsement

Consumer research conducted by us has revealed that more than 80% of consumers would be more inclined to purchase a product or service if it was easily identifiable as being waterwise and endorsed by a credible source such as Water Corporation.

Approved products are able to use the waterwise logo giving consumers increased confidence when purchasing waterwise products.
The waterwise label on your product may provide a number of benefits including:

  • A marketing advantage
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • If approved, your product will join a suite of highly recognised and regarded programs in providing expert advice, products and services
  • Approved products will be considered for Water Corporation rebates or subsidy programs
  • We will provide additional marketing, public relations, event and advertising support along with cross promotional activities

All products with Smart WaterMark certification are required to renew certification every 2 years. As long as your product continues to meet the requirements of the Smart WaterMark renewal process and abide by the Waterwise Products terms and conditions, you are authorised to use the Waterwise logo.

In the event that Smart WaterMark certification is withdrawn for any reason or it is demonstrated that the product is not meeting the terms and conditions of the Waterwise Products Program, we may withdraw the waterwise endorsement and right to use the Waterwise logo.

Smart Approved WaterMark is Australia’s water efficiency label, identifying and promoting products and services that help to save water. Smart WaterMark has developed detailed guidelines and a robust assessment process whereby products are assessed by an independent Technical Expert Panel.

This process assesses products on their water saving and fit for purpose capability as well as meeting regulations and standards and being environmentally sustainable. Rather than duplicate this existing process the Waterwise Products Program works in partnership with Smart WaterMark to endorse those products that have already met the requirements of this process.

Yes, we strongly encourage you to feature both labels. The waterwise logo is unique to WA and endorses waterwise products and services. Due to the severity of the water situation in WA compared with other states, this program enables us to deliver a strong campaign that promotes the need to purchase waterwise products and services to help West Australians reduce their water use.

  1. Please complete all applicable sections on the Application Form
  2. A separate application must be completed for each Product, unless the differences are cosmetic in nature only i.e. colours, features and optional extras and do not affect the actual water use of the product.
  3. Applications will be reviewed against the criteria as published on the Water Corporation website. An application must meet all the criteria in order to be approved for endorsement.
  4. The decision of the Water Corporation is final and no further correspondence will be entered into.
  5. Only products that have Smart Approved WaterMark certification will be eligible for the Waterwise Program.
  6. If Smart WaterMark is withdrawn from a product or manufacturer for any reason Smart WaterMark will notify the Corporation and they will be removed from the Waterwise Program and notified in writing to remove the logo from packaging and any advertising or marketing material.
  7. Where applicable, Plumbing Products are required to have WaterMark certification under the Australian Building Codes Board. The WaterMark reference number must be supplied on the application form to be endorsed.
  8. The Water Corporation will conduct regular ‘spot’ checks of products and logo placement to ensure that manufacturers are abiding by the guidelines and the high standards of the program are maintained. Should a product be found not meeting the above criteria then the Corporation may withdraw the Waterwise endorsement and right to use the Waterwise logo.
  9. All promotional material remains the property of Water Corporation.
  10. The applicant will have the right of appeal to an Appeals Board regarding any decision to withdraw its Waterwise status. The Board will consist of four members, one representative nominated by the applicant, one by the Water Corporation, one from Smart WaterMark and one independent person from the Department of Consumer and Employment Protection.