Using My Water in your business – Setting up an account 

Managing the bills and water use for your business is easy with My Water

Sign up for free and you can manage your accounts and payments online at a time that suits you, and keep an eye on your water use history. To get started, you’ll need a copy of your water bill and your ABN.

Go to My Water at

If you are creating a brand new account, choose the 'Register as a business' button on the homepage.

Enter your ABN and select verify.

Enter your contact number and email address – the email provided here will be used for all bill notifications.

If you would like other employees from your organisation to be able to self-register for My Water, be sure to select 'Yes' for “My organisation allows self registration of employees.”

Enter your Electronic Reference Number – you’ll find this on the back of your water bill, down the bottom on the right

We’ll ask you to verify your ERN for security.

Fill in your personal details and then you can confirm and create your account.

You’ll see your property dashboard straight away.

You can add multiple accounts and view them all together.

To do this, use the ‘Add another account’ link in the header.

You will need a recent bill which has the Electronic Reference Number for that account, so click ‘Yes’ if you have recently received a bill from us.

Enter the number just like you did for the first property. Check the details and 'Submit' your new entry. You can add as many as you like, one at a time.

Click 'Submit'.

If you have set up account groups, select 'Submit'.

That’s it – now you’re up and running! You can keep adding extra accounts, or go on to set up a direct debit payment for the account you just added.

Using My Water in your business – Managing users and groups

Even if you allow self-registration for your staff when you set up your account, you can still invite other employees to join your My Water account.

Go to ‘My details’ in the main menu and select ‘Manage users’, then select ‘Create new user’.

Enter all of the details for the new user and then select ‘Create user’. An email will be sent to the user inviting them to register for My Water. Once they have completed their registration and logged into My Water you will be advised via email of their success. Simple!

Creating and managing groups

You can also use account groups to group your properties, and allocate users to the groups.

Go to ‘My details’ in the main menu and select ‘Manage account groups’. At the Account groups tab, enter a group name and click 'Add'. You can add as many account groups as you need. It’s a good idea to give them each a description so it’s easier to manage.

To add a user to an account group select the ‘People in my groups’ tab.

Click on the 'Select' link in the list. Select the Account group (from the dropdown list) that you want the person to be allocated to and select 'Save'. Nearly there!

Now to allocate your accounts to their groups. Select ‘Account overview’ from the main menu.

The Account overview dashboard will be presented displaying a list of all of your linked accounts, ensure the ‘Account group’ field in the search panel is blank.

Clicking on the 'Select' link in the Account group column in the list select the group (from a dropdown list) that you want the account to be allocated to and select Save. Each time your staff login they will only see those accounts that are in their group.

There you go – you’ll save time and hassle by setting up users and groups for your business in My Water.

Using My Water in your business – Setting up EFT payments

You can quickly and securely pay multiple accounts via EFT using My Water – we’ll show you how.

Open up My Water at

Using the navigation across the top, open up 'Bills and payments' and then select 'EFT payments requests'.

Please read and accept the EFT terms and conditions and if you are satisfied, select 'Submit'.

So, let’s set up a 'New request'.

We strongly recommend you give it a reference – this might make it easier to manage down the track.

Then select ‘Select bills’.

If it’s an earlier bill, you can pay using the ‘Pay a bill that does not appear in My Water’ link.

Select the bills you want to add [by ticking].

You can tick as many as you need. Then select 'Add bills' to make sure they’re included on your request.

We’ll ask you to confirm the request, before 'Submitting'.

Once submitted we will provide you with the BSB and Bank account details for you to reference when you make your BPAY payment. You can also print off a copy of your request.

Now that you’ve got the confirmation, please go to your bank and submit your payment as normal, using the EFT reference shown.

Once the payment has been successfully processed, we will automatically mark those bills as paid in My Water for you.

If anything unforeseen happens with your payment request we will send you an email advising you of the actions you need to take.

That’s it! Your payments have been taken care of.