[Jess, Customer & Stakeholder Advisor]: Something I love with my job at Water Corporation is learning from local Traditional Owners. I love working for an organisation that has the same values as myself, and to be able to contribute to that is really important to me.

My name is Jessica and I'm the Senior Advisor, Customer and Stakeholder for the North West region. My role fits into the wider water cycle process in multiple ways.

So, I might be working on community engagement for a future source plan for the North West region. Or I could be liaising with our customers and stakeholders around a supply interruption, or a project happening in their area.

Quite often I work with regional project managers around projects they may have in the North West region, so I'll sit down with them fairly early in the process. We'll develop a communication strategy on how we think we'll best work to support that project, and then I will implement that for them.

On any given day I could be out in the community meeting with one of our stakeholders around a number of initiatives and community projects.

I really believe that Water Corporation are making a difference to communities, especially in the communities that I live and operate in.

They're a fantastic workplace, really supportive towards all of their employees and help you achieve your own professional goals.

One thing I love about Water Corporation is you can have a career within a career. There's so many different opportunities and it spans the whole state. So if you ever feel like a sea change, there is plenty for that.

Recently I've returned to work after a period of maternity leave, and Water Corporation have been really understanding and flexible and providing me with the opportunity to return part-time.

So I job share with someone based out of our Leederville office, and I work from the Karratha office, and together we make a really great team, and it's been fantastic to be able to return to work and do the job that I love and work out in the community, whilst also being there for my 2 young children and my family.

It really feels like I don't miss out on anything. Having a supportive manager and a supportive work culture makes Water Corporation a really great place to work.